This brand started with me! I believed in myself first, and now I want to help you believe in yourself to meet your goal too. 

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    Sarah Sausen


    Michael keeps me on track and is always checking in to make sure I'm working towards my goals. The workouts are always changing, which helps to keep me engaged to push harder.

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    Libby Firer

    Account Sales Executive

    Coach makes me work hard without the guilt of any workout or nutritional lulls. He modifies the workout to accommodate my body and previous injuries. I've lost 25 pounds under his guidance.

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    Yugi Tang

    Business Development Rep

    Mike is a great trainer. He always pushes me harder to reach my goals. I can now lift 50 more pounds than before joining Trip Fit.

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    Danny Veech

    Marketing Exectutive

    Michael pushes me beyond any limit I may think I have. I've been able to gain muscle as well as double my bench press weight.